Tips for the dicks

Besides your thoughts on gays/lesbians/transvestites —  I went to a drag show last week at the Velvet Lounge AND HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!  Seriously, I really did. See how happy I am?

The timing for the show was perfect.  The date of the show landed a week before Jordan’s birthday so naturally we brought her with us! The host even brought her on stage  for a celebratory shot



Shots for Jordan!

On top of the bottomless mimosas, delicious buffet breakfast, the actual performance was amazing.  With the dancing, the singing, the sass from the host, Shannel (Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 1 contestant!) I couldn’t get enough of it!

If you are feeling adventurous and want to change up your typical Sunday Brunch, make a reservation at the Velvet Lounge — you won’t be disappointed.  COME READY TO BE INSULTED! These ladies are not there to make the people laugh, not to make you feel good.  In fact, at the start of the show, Shannel says, “Leave your fucks at the door.” ALSO, bring cash! You can throw money on the stage for the performers you enjoyed


THE Ladies


Yea, we were that close to the stage


THOSE SHOES!!!! And yes, she danced in them with ease, I might add



Jordan, my mom and I with our favorite performer of the day