Blues 4 Lyf3

Growing up, I played on one club soccer team from U12-U19 — which is rare today.  The feeling of loyalty to one team is something that became rare.  However, on my club team, the Southern California Blues, we had a core group of girls that stayed together throughout our entire career.  With that being said, Greer graduated from UCSB that past June (whoo-hoo yea Greer!) and had a grad party.  I showed up thinking it would be a large group of people I just didn’t know.  I could have cried when I walked in and say at least five of the Blues families already at the party.  I wish I would have taken WAY more pictures, but I was too happy and too involved in the party to stop to snap photos–whoops! Here is what I do have to share:

Greer on the left, Gillian in the middle 🙂


It’s something truly special to share a bond with an awesome group of people — hashtag blessed to call these people family


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