Let it be known, I love love love live music. In my eyes, there is nothing better than seeing what a performer can do on stage.  With that being said, when I heard about KROQ’s Weenie Roast Lineup I had to go. I have to admit, Avicii as the headliner was odd for an Alternative Music festival. That’s besides the point.  I fell in love with one of the bands — The Neighbourhood. They may or may not be the inspiration behind this blog’s color scheme.  You have most likely heard one or two of their songs on the radio–Sweater Weather or Afraid.

They impressed the hell out of me at Weenie Roast.  In fact, I was so impressed I looked up their tour schedule once their set was done. Who would I see them with? Oh Father dear 🙂 With Father’s Day around the corner, I it was a win/win.  Whether he actually likes it will be a surprise to me LOL–I’ll keep you posted. Buuuuut, after what feels like forever, THE NIGHT HAS FINALLY COME! I will be seeing the NBHD at the Greek Theater tomorrow in all of their black and white glory.


Besides Sweater Weather, I am most excited to see Alleyways. I will be singing along completely out of tune.

See the video below


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