What you doing? Nothin’ chilllin at the Pennington Inn

It’s always a great surprise to hear your friend that lives a great distance is visiting. While at work on Friday I get a text from Paige inviting me to spend the night at her beach house in Newport because CORI IS VISITING. WHAT!? Cori is in town? Duh I’m there. After work, I pick Cori up from Redondo, stop at my house for a bathing suit and mob down to Newport.

Our Friday night was pretty much, Deb (Paige’s mom), Jordan, Cori, Paige and I spending the night looking at last weekend’s Vegas photos (somehow when you look at them together they become thirty times funnier), and reminiscing on our days in college…….lots of laughs and tears from laughing so hard ensued.

Going to LMU was a great decision. Yes because of the competitive soccer, but even more so because of the lasting friendships. Looking back at our college days (yes, yes only two years for them and one for me) will forever be one of my favorite activities….because we had quite the time. On the field and off.

Saturday morning I got a call from brad, one of my favorite humans from UCLA. He now lives I’m Costa Mesa and I am so so so proud of this boy. We met up at the beach with Paige, Cori and Jordan and spent majority of the day catching up (I haven’t seen/talked to the kid since April!). We laid out on the beach, got abused in the water and paddle boarded in Balboa and caught up on life and what we’ve been up to and our future plans.



Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset







Before I headed back home I stopped at my friend Gillian’s house….she was in a pretty bad accident the beginning of the summer and was forced to stay in a wheelchair. Spoiler alert — not anymore! To my great great surprise she GREETED ME AT THE DOOR STANDING ON HER OWN TWO FEET (With crutches but whatever)! I literally let out a squeal. It makes me so so so so so unbelievably happy to see her progress as quickly as she has.



Lots of love, happiness, positive vibes…drive safely friends


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