Soy Dominicana

Belinda, my mother accidentally bought first class seats for our flight to the DR. No complaints, but it IS hilarious.

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But my first class high was quickly dropped when we arrived at the airport and our car wasn’t there to pick us up 😡😡😡. After an hour of calling the resort, we finally FINALLY had a ride. After 30 minutes (I really don’t know I fell asleep) we made it

Trying to be happy ladies while waiting at the airport
Trying to be happy ladies while waiting at the airport

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Beautiful, right? Tis tis.
We had a problem with our room……but because of the problem we got upgraded so I couldn’t really complain.  We landed safely, got to the resort safely and were safely settled in a room–yaaaaaas.

We roamed around the resort to check everything out, had a delicious dinner and went to bed pretty early, we had a long long long day.

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Since the week was pretty repetitive (in the best way possible) I won’t go through the day to day events but just an overall summary of what went on.

I’ll begin with the most ironic part of this trip is the last fourteen years of my life there is NO WAY this trip could have happened–I would either be playing in a tournament/training for a big event or double days. So waking up and starting my day with a smoothie and yoga was so……new.

Because I have an inability to sleep in, I would generally wake up around 7/7:30, head to the beach, save a cabana, drink a glass of OJ and get my yoga on on the beach. My days would end at around 11/11:30 after the nightly shows the entertainment team put on. I wasn’t too into the idea of staying out late and partying…sleep and recover was my theme of the trip.

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When I wasn’t napping on the cabana on the beach the entertainment team at the resort had a plethora of activities and competitions I couldn’t resist. Swim competitor, races, water ballon tosses, beach Olympics, beach volleyball, water polo, dance competitions, you get my drift–anything to bring the people together. My favorite? Definitely water polo. ‘Twas fun to be athletic again and shock my male opponents.

My sister..........
My sister……….
Every day, never failed
Every day, never failed




I loved everything about the resort, the size, which made it easy for my niece to roam on her own and made us all feel safe, the entertainment team keeping everyone together and active!, the smoothie/fruit lady 😍😍😍, she would whip together the best smoothies, and cut up pineapple and mangos and put it on a stick!, the cabanas–adding another level of lazy to my beach bum style.

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But for every positive, we did have a few problems.

Like most places that attempt to cater to Americans there is a message somewhere that Americans love meat, potatoes, hamburgers and hotdogs and our concern/want for vegetables is very low. I say this because for just about all of my meals I would have A PIECE of vegetable on my plate. A piece of broccoli, a piece of squash, ONE green bean. Vegetables are what fill my plate, this was very very very very extremely difficult for me as a green eater.

Another issue I had is the emergency/first aid system. I witnessed a young boy bang his head on the bar in the pool, and begin to bleed profusely from the top of his head. It took probably 5 plus minutes to get someone out to the pool with a wheelchair to wheel the woman and her child to the first aid….ya they didn’t bring any type of first aid material. Weird, right? Turns out it cost $125 just to see the doctor. Never mind actually getting stitches or medicine. The poor mother had to agree to shell out the money before her bleeding son was able to get help. That seems wrong.  I only know about the $125 fee because a day later my sister and I were swimming in the ocean when she was stung by what we decided was a jellyfish. After another ridiculously long wait, I was able to wheel my sister to the first aid–where the doctor wouldn’t even look at her leg without the $125. When she asked him to at least tell her if it looked like a jellyfish sting he responded, “I do not know, I can’t say, it may be that.” WHAT???

This is my next issue–the water in Punta Cana looks beautiful. It’s clear blue, glassy, light waves, perfect. You take a few steps out into this seemingly perfect water and you will fuck your shit up if you’re not paying attention. The water is riddled with coral reef, rocks and my sister learned the hard way, jelly fish. I understand I should have probably done a little research before diving in, but what the fuck, a warning somewhere on the beach would be great so I’m not Bambi walking across the damn street.

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photo 4-10

photo 3-10

OVERALL I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! And yes, bottom line is I would go back in a heartbeat.  Just maybe a different resort.

photo 6

Hasta luego!

Oh! Here are the ‘grams from the trip

Lots of Love,



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