Yanks & Vegans

Before my dad and I hopped on the subway we grabbed food (what did i say. its always food with my dad) but this time I got to pick…..AND I FOUND A VEGAN RESTAURANT OMG.  So yes, I made a salad stuffed with kale/spinach/tomatoes/grapes (odd but good) olives/cucumbers/quinoa and soy chicken….I didn’t have a complaint in the world. Because of my earlier issues in the park I ate slowly. Very slowly. Chewed my food allllllll of the way….and by the end of my salad I felt 20 times better than I did before.  But I guess anything would feel better than throwing up in Central Park.  I was a happy lady. So happy my dad insisted on us taking a photo.


As we were leaving the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice the sky was dark…really dark. Much darker than it had been all day.  When we stepped outside it was drizzling, and then it was raining. Then it was raining so hard that i had to stop inside of CVS and change into my jeans which I didn’t like because the baseball game….baseball isn’t like soccer or football where they play regardless of the weather, with enough rain they cancel games AND HELLO I FLEW ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR THIS GAME. Needless to say, i was stressed.


I was determined and keeping a positive mindset so I insisted that my dad and I wasted not another second and get on the train to the Bronx to watch the Yankees.

We got lost a few times. We went uptown and then downtown and then just got on the wrong train completely.  But with the help of several friendly New Yorkers we were on our way 🙂

As soon as you get off the train it’s like you have stepped into a new world.  There are people everywhere, music blaring, vendors selling all sorts of Yankees gear…it was nuts! But I like madness and chaotic situations like that, so I ate it all up.

We took a picture outside of the stadium, grab a few beers from the bar and made our way to our seats when the players began taking the field.



The game was awesome. We went down by 3 in the first inning but came back to win in the last inning, the last batter with a full count.  It was rad. The entire stadium erupted (cheesy, but they really did).  Even leaving the stadium people were rowdy and chanting. My favorite kind of atmosphere.

It was the perfect ending to the trip


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