#GoDucks (Lions)

After trying to find a weekend that accommodated my schedule and one of my college roommates schedule I FINALLY made it to beautiful Eugene, Oregon. And let me tell you I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME.

I guess you can say the ‘main event’ of the weekend was going to the Oregon/Michigan State game on Saturday. And yes, it was definitely one of the highlights of my summer!!!

I landed in Portland Thursday night and immediately kicked off the weekend.

 We went Mackenzie’s friends house and I met a few of her friends and hung out for a few hours.

Friday I woke up with Mackenzie and slowlyyyyyyyy got ready for my run.  LOL two hours later after checking and rechecking the house and my shoes and my shirt and going to the restroom fifteen times I finalllllllllllly left for my run.  I’m still pretty scarred from my uphill half marathon so I’ve been actively avoiding hills.  So when I left Mackenzie’s house running downhill it dawned on me that I would have to run back UP the hill. Tears. Turning left at the corner I felt a hill so I said fuck that and turned back around and went down hill.  In Mackenzie’s neighborhood it’s almost impossible so I had to suck it up and run up a few hills. On my loop back to Mackenzie’s the hill was absolutely ginormous.  I was stoooooooked to see a dog wandering by herself on the road I suddenly became interested in her welfare.  I called the owner, and brought puppy home!

Saturday was the Oregon vs. Michigan State game and it was probably the best time of my life.  We tailgated before the game, with her family and some friends and before we knew it we were heading into the game.

We were a little excited.

The stadium was AWESOME and the people were just as cool





After raging and cheering for about eight hours I was exhausted. But Mackenzie’s bitchy ass wouldn’t even let me take a nap. I rally though so I made it….but I looked like this all night.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The next morning I definitely missed my flight so I was stuck in Portland for an extra three hours and missed my connecting flight in Phoenix so I had a little sleepover and headed home the next morning.

Oregon is wild. I’ll be back kids.


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