A Story About A Girl Named Anne <3

This post is purely for my girl, Anne who threw up on a Tuk Tuk.  One of a kind experience for sure.  I threw up in Central Park, Megan threw up in Union Square, and Anne, my new favorite human being threw up on a Tuk Tuk while in motion. It was glorious.

The first night in Cambodia Megan and I (smartly) took the night off and neglected to go out to the bars and clubs with the rest of the group.  I have issues with FOMO so I WAS pretty bummed that I missed a night out since everyone seemed to have such a sick time UNTIL the struggle became evident on everyone’s faces.

We had a tour planned for 1 pm so I mean, in theory, everyone should have been functioning human beings by that time but naaah Cambodia hangovers are apparently a new breed of animal.  The people that were  on our tour looked like absolute shit (sorry, I love all of you, but come on, you guys didn’t look so hot).  Pre Tuk Tuk ride to the Royal Temple they looked OKAY, getting off of the Tuk Tuk they looked like they had been dragged through an Insanity workout on crack cocaine.

I guess I should stop saying ‘they,’ and focus in on Anne because she was the only one I was actually talking to/walking with/in vicinity.

To clarify, Anne is a beautiful, glowing human being…but Cambodian hangovers are ruthless and rude so one should not judge.

Our first stop of the tour was The Royal Temple.  The tour guide gave us an hour to walk around the temple/park area.  Meg, Anne, and I walked up 1,000 flight of stairs to the temple and went around and through the temple.  Pictures weren’t allowed, sorry, but believe me, it was mesmerizing and beautiful.  When we got to the bottom of the temple Anne was sweating more than was necessary and said she was going to take a seat (LOLOLOL). Megan was also feeling/looking a little feeble so we kind of sped around the park and sat with Anne.

Eventually someone thought of the genius idea to bring Anne a coconut to build up her electrolytes.  Not long after she finished her coconut it was time for us to set off for the Royal Palace.  Anne said she was feeling okay, but I had a slight idea of how she was feeling aka a projectile throw up sesh was bound to happen.  Me, understanding what it’s like to throw up in a public place knew the best thing I could do for Anne was find a plastic bag for when the nonsense when down. Because it was going to go south. She had no other option. She had lost the battle.

Phnom Penh provides the lucky tourists with a whiff that gives the person with the strongest stomach problems. It smells like absolute shit and garbage.  As soon as we got on the Tuk Tuk we were blessed with one of these whiffs.  I felt perfectly fine and healthy until I got one of these whiffs. WTF, suddenly I thought I was going to vomit.  Despite my own struggles,  I gave Anne my medical mask to help shield her from the smell.  It didn’t help.  One look at Anne and I knew she was a goner.  She began fumbling for her plastic bag and it was game over.  While bumping along the Cambodian streets Anne was projectile vomiting.  To her credit she got some of it in the bag…but to be real most of the vomit was missing the plastic bag and landing on her shirt, arms, hair, face, everywhere. She probably even got some in her eye, idk.

 I couldn’t even hold back my laughter.  Megan and I were practically in tears.  I couldn’t breathe. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha like what the fuck, she was throwing up on a Tuk Tuk into a plastic bag in Cambodia. How epic is that??

In my eyes she became the greatest person to walk this earth.  You go Anne.


She only got a little bit of throw up on her shirt and she didn’t smell like vomit, so go her.

Love you Anne!




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