TESOL Shmeshmol

Yoooo Cambodia so far has been no vacation. The first week has been a full 40 hour work week to say the least….so sorry that this won’t be as entertaining (unless you’re a family member) as my other posts.

Monday morning we started training to get our TESOL certificates.  Class begins at 9 and our last class ends at 5:30.  Not to sound like a whiny bitch, we do get two 15 minute breaks and an hour and a half for lunch, so it’s not awful. The topics we are learning are mostly ideas and teaching strategies I never would have considered — not only in terms of teaching but the realm of understanding new cultures, how they think and what not.  Makes you open your mind a bit.  They also discuss how we can turn teaching abroad into an actual career…..which is awesome. Not sure if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but having the option to teach English to foreigners is rad.

Because our days are so long, getting the chance to explore Cambodia aren’t as prevalent as I would like but when I have the chance I try someplace new/experience as much of the cambodian culture as I can. For instance:

On Tuesday and Thursdays we go to class at Pannastra University which is about a 30 minute Tuk Tuk ride from our hotel.  During one of our breaks Megan and a few of the guys in our program meandered across the street to a statue what we think is a tribute to the Vietnamese.  Pretty rad.


Shoutout to yoooouuuu Josh & George
Shoutout to yoooouuuu Josh & George
Hi Meeeeg
Hi Meeeeg

A selfie on a Tuk Tuk with my Miley buns seemed necessary.  Extremely risky for a young American chocolate gal in SE Asia. Basically telling people to jack me for my phone



Boba is my new friend. I was never a huge fan of it back in America, but I have grown to absolutely love it here.  The boba restaurant, Tea Secret, is not only delicious, it’s buy one get one free— so I end up spending $1.20 for boba. Can’t complain.



I also have a cell phone…….not that I have anyone I can call besides the salad delivery to make my day. Still nice to feel part of the community. Kind of. Besides all that the phone has Suduko, Snake and it’s cute and tiny zomg.


The weekend rolled around and our program, Language Corps Asia scheduled to take us to Spider Village, which is a stop on our way to see Angkor Wat and Beng Malea in Siem Reap.  Fun fun fun times were had. That post will be up sooooooon.

Lots of love,



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