You Can’t Sihanoukville With Us [Pt. 2]

No sleep no problem (referring to the spider that tried to eat Meg and I our first night in Sihanoukville) when I get to spend an entire day alternating between a boat and a beach.

After an hour and a half boat ride, we made it to [Ishy Named] Turtle Island! We had the option to go with the scuba divers or stay on the island. Initially, I wanted to go with the divers because I waned to be in the middle of the deep blue ocean and sit in my inner tube, buuuuuuuuuuut the island had a bar, cabanas and it was absolutely empty.



Besides the people who worked on the island, we were the only humans. You can’t pass that up.



As Jessie, my favorite #GlobeThotter pointed out, the island was something you see as a screensaver on a desktop at work.



Gorgeous, right?

I won’t lie and act like I did a bunch of crazy activities. Naaaaaah. As soon as we docked, I asked one of the employees to blow up my inner tube and got in the water. When I got prune-y I got out of the water and took a nap in the sun. When I woke up on fire and sweating I got back in the water. The water temp? Yeaaaaa it was perfect. Not too warm, and not too cold.

Someone found a volleyball and we kicked around for a bit…I haven’t touched a ball since around July when I impulsively decided I missed soccer and wanted to play again. Juggling is sooooooooooooooooooo much fun.  It’s crazy how you forget how awesome something so simple can be. We probably kicked around and juggled for an hour. And then I realized sweat was actually dripping from my body so I called it quits and got back in the water.

This process repeated the rest of the day.  It was glorious. The perfect ending to TESOL training.


Meegs & Anne. I like them alottttt
Meegs & Anne. I like them alottttt



My girl, Anne


trying out TopLess tour

At around 4 when the scuba group made it back from scuba diving we headed back to Sihanoukville — even the ride back was beautiful.  It was one of the moments when you just feel like you are exactly where you are supposed to be, ya know? But then I was on a boat with a group of awesome people drinking beers so I guess I would feel great regardless.



For dinner we had an ‘all you can eat crab dinner’ that Rick, one of the Language Corps instructors set up……………it ended up being about 2 crabs per person.  Salty. Don’t say it’s all you can eat when in fact, it is two crabs a person.  #Salty.


So Meg and I got food at a Greek restaurant next door that we (mostly Meg, she is obsessed) had been eyeing since we saw it.  It was one of the best meals since I got to SouthEast Asia.

Looks basic, tastes like heaven
Looks basic, tastes like heaven

That Saturday night was the very last night with the entire LC Asia group. I was pumped for the night we were about to have but pretty sad….I would be leaving an awesome group of people for a brand new city. THAT IS SO SAD 😦 SooOoOoO as a group we all decided that on our very last night we would have an epic ass night.

After spending all day in the sun tho, getting drunk and crazy was pretty hard.  I was tired. I was burned. Meg was red. Life was hard.  Going out was hard. But we did it.

It was pretty fun.  I danced on bars, took a few shots.



But like my true feelings/emotions eventually came out


Maybe we should have planned a movie night instead…..

I miss LC Asia SO MUCH! I know you all are killing it in Cambodia and Thailand. Can’t wait to visit you, keep #GlobeThotting #GlobeThotters ❤


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