“Vietnam group: Go Fuck Yourselves”

After a fantastic fucking weekend in Sihanoukville it was FINALLY time to head to Nam. Thuper exciting. But sad as well. Cambodia started to feel like home. Which are words I never believed I would say.  I would say it’s more so home because of the people…not the physical building. Yech. But I digress. The plan was to get arrive at our hotel at 12pm, eat lunch, and get on our respective Tuk Tuks to the bus station that had our special (jokes) LC Asia bus to transport us to Nam. Can’t screw up that plan right?


Picture this: You are napping peacefully in a van, dreaming of white rice and sautéed vegetables, broccoli to be precise. Suddenly, you are ripped from your dream by people yelling, doors opening and slamming. Chaos.  If you know me, you are well aware of the consequences one will face for me opening my eyes after sleep. I am not happy. But waking me up to chaos and madness!? Oh hell no. 

What I would soon discover is somewhere along the way we allowed an hour to get away from us. So, instead of getting to the hotel at 12, we arrived at 1. Our bus to Ho Chi Minh was set to leave at 1:20? I believe. We had to hustle. No matter how grumpy and grouchy I was feeling I had to move my body, find my luggage, make sure it got on a Tuk Tuk, find an emotion besides anger to say my goodbyes to the people I had spend the last two weeks with and get on a Tuk Tuk. What a trip.

Marady hotel is not far from the bus station, but the traffic, my God. On this Sunday afternoon the entire city decided to hop on their motos, Tuk Tuks and in their cars to just sit on the roads. We made it to the bus station with five minutes to spare. Not to be a diva but the Tuk Tuk drivers didn’t even help us find our bus or bring our things to the bus! In a crowded Phnom Penh I was dragging two rolling bags a backpack and a Long champ. Alone. Grouchy. Ready to hurt someone with my words and my eyes (the victim wouldn’t understand me, anyway). Basically, the Vietnam group felt pretty abandoned. Joey said it best, “Alright, see you Vietnam, go fuck yourselves.” 

Le sigh

8 hours later and with all of that bullshit behind me, I was on an actual paved road driving into District 3 of Ho Chi Minh City.  Seeing Hien (our program manager) smile for the first time made me forget how insane the day was. Not completely, I will forever be scarred by that bullshit, but you get what I’m saying. Hien took us to our hotel and new home for the next two weeks to drop off our bags (As soon as I opened my room door I knew I was miles away from Marady. Thank you, Jesus) and we went to dinner/’street food’ that was basically Pho.  Besides the liver, chicken bits, and whatever other array of mystery meats I picked out of the soup it was deeeeelllliiiiiiiiishhhhh. We had to be up at 8:30 for breakfast/our first Vietnamese lesson at 9am so as soon as my head hit the pillow I was outzzzzz

My first week in Ho Chi Minh City has been pretty damn awesome. Once I pull some of the photos together a post will be up soon!

We stay flossin' through the bs, ayeeee
We stay flossin’ through the bs, ayeeee

Love Love Love

Etajha #GlobeThot


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