Erm, well…..

Ho Chi Minh has been a little bit loopy lately

Within a 72 hour period I interviewed for a teaching job, demo’d (taught a class with someone analyzing me), was hired and signed a contract for said teaching position.

In the midst of all of the interviewing, Meeg and I were on a hunt for an apartment — yes, five weeks later and we were still living out of our suitcases — the apartment hunt turned out to be the most frustrating and discouraging search of life.  I actually had severe headaches for a solid three days due to stress.

One of the billion apartments we considered…but one of the favorites forsure

Nonetheless, I can never allow myself to forget that I’m hashtag blessed to be in the position I’m in.

Keep reading for all of the cool/funny/delicious/peculiar-ness:

I got to FaceTime with my #1 Lil Bitch Tawni….well she was lucky enough to FaceTime with me.  She’s training for a half marathon in January…..I wanted her to run in my halfsie back in August but she said naaaaah (that’s why she’s a lil bitch). I mean whatever, she’s doing one now so go Tawni.  I guess it was better that she didn’t do it with me. My half marathon experience was pretty devastating.



 T E A M   G L O B E T H O T

My #GlobeThotter, Jessie reached out to me (pre phone self destruction) — we are plotting the ultimate GlobeThotter reunion in both Thailand and Nam. Details soon. Prob not tho, you’ll hear about it after the fact.


I spotted these fat boys on one moto.  There are few things that give me more joy than chunksters smashed on one moto.



 This creeped me out/infuriated me.  Leave me alone Vietnamese man.

You obviously don’t understand me and I’m clearly not getting anything that you’re saying.




A L L   H A I L   T H E   Q U E E N

 I had several delicious lunches with this woman — I’ve given her the title, ‘Queen of Saigon.’ I think it is perfect.

I will buy her a crown from the Co-Op to make it official.




Linh’s birthday also was a ray of light in the crazy week(s).  Songs were sung and cake was eaten, after the cake had it’s very own photo shoot, of course.

Who is Linh? She is THE lesson plan queen.  She can spit out entire lesson plans in five minutes.  She is brilliant. And she’s funny, blunt (without realizing it–even better), and she encourages me to eat anything and everything. I love her now but when I finally remove myself from Vietnam and I realize I’ve gained a billion pounds I will not be pleased with her. Until then, I will appreciate her and ask her about every single food cart I see on the street.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   L I N H!




N a m  W i v e z  N i g h t  O u t

Meeg and I lost our minds and did something crazy and completely out of character.  We put make up on, did our hair, got dressed AND WENT OUT TO A BAR AND DRANK ALCOHOL OMG (WHO ARE WE!?)










Sidenote: shout out to George for the title “Nam Wives” 

I n s p i r a t i o n a l   S h i t

 And to close, I stumbled across this quote and I looked at it for a long time.

Like I actually just looked at my phone reading the quote and how much it means to me and my life journey.



Sounds like a simple task until we actually have to put these ideas into action.

Isn’t as easy and natural as we would like. Sorry, bubba (something Jaymes would say).




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