The Instagrams That Never Made It — Pt. 3

Out of the blue, my phone decided to say night night after going running while here in Vietnam.  Obviously if I was home I would have simply made a Genius Bar appointment and taken it to an apple store. Of course they don’t have apple stores here in Vietnam. They have ‘Certified Apple Resellers and Repairs’ but no, no Genius Bar.  To make matters even more…, when I brought it to the repair center they tell me they are not allowed to look at my phone because it is from America. OUCH.  Long story short I several places would not and could not fix my phone.  With that being said, my photo taking spree was put on hold while I waited for my sister’s phone (thanks for the teamwork, fam!) to make it to me.

FINALLY my third edition of the Grams That Never Made It!

 G r a m s   T h a t   N e v e r   M a d e   I t

nothing like motorbiking in the rain!
nothing like motorbiking in the rain!
classic small chair lunch
classic small chair lunch. my knees are sore just looking at this photo
vietnam. first you steal my phone, now you steal my sandal


tao dan park beauty

b-e-a-utiful bride
‘ugly’ tshirt party — great minds think alike #MayTheForceBeWithYou
photo 1-4
me and my #NamWife at the teachers day celebration. it was an interesting night to say the least

photo 4-2

yep #BGNC
yep #BGNC

I’ve posted one #TBT on Instagram. One. I dunno I just feel odd posting pictures from last week on a very ‘now’ social media platform. Just my thoughts. However, if I posted a throwback this would be the one!

# T B T

photo 1-4
Missing my ladies. Missing Vegas.

 P H H H O T O

I can’t tell you much about this app except it makes really cool GIFs, makes the simplest photos look insanely cool and it keeps me in the loop of Diplo’s life.  This is important because I find Diplo to be really really really awesome.  I also like to see the madness of his DJ sets. If Ellie had/used this app as much as Diplo I would be quite happy. Here’s my fav recent phhhoto:

Until next time,






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