What I’m Listening To Pt. 2

When I discover or rediscover music that makes me jam, on the outside I look like this:


but on the inside I’m doing this:


but enough chit chat………

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:

Imagine Dragons — Amsterdam

Vance Joy — Mess is  Mine

The Chainsmokers — Kanye ft. SirenXX

Skrillex — Summit ft. Ellie Goulding

Diplo & Alvaro — 6th Gear ft. KStylis

BANKS — Goddess

One Direction — Clouds.

Rogue Wave — Eyes throwbaaaaaaack

Chairlift — Bruises

This song reminds me of a day my dad and I spent in the park in New York City this past summer. Bruises was playing as the Yogis in the park were performing this ridiculously difficult looking dance while everyone watched.  That was such a great day, it makes me smile just thinking out it. Can’t wait to have more days like that when I’m home!


Beyonce — 7/11. DUH

I’m always up to hearing about new artists or songs so if you have anything you think I might enjoy shoot it my way!

 • • • • •

I know I’ve been slacking on my life update posts but  I have quite a few coming for you and they will prove to be worth the wait indeed.

I had a hell of a time applying for my work permit, an even crazier night celebrating Teacher’s Day,  a rad time running in the Prisma 5k night run — Lil Jon performed afterwards (YEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!) and I even made time to see Showtek. Can’t really complain. All of the delicious details in regards to the nonsense will be coming at ya soon — but for now, here’s an Insta from the 5k

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Prisma Run 2024! #travel #vietnam #health #5k #rtw #roundtheworld

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