Humans have strong opinions on everything.  Whether if it’s on the debate on Cheetos vs. Cheeto Puffs or LBGT Rights and police brutality, people have something to say.  New Year’s Resolutions are not immune to this conversation.  My opinion, which you will find to be true in just about all aspects of my life is: “I dunno, why not (something I’m changing)?”  I know the conversation of ‘you shouldn’t wait until December 31st to make a change in your life–make a change today.’ Yea yea yea whatever we hear ya. There’s just something about waking up…or watching the sun rise on the first of January that seems like the absolute perfect day to make a change in your life. No matter how big or small.

M y   N e w    Y e a r ‘ s    R e s o l u t i o n s

1. Convince Nelson that it is indeed a New Year and a New Me

2012 is over, betch. I’m out of the sophomore slump….with a few hiccups every now and then but those hiccups I worked for. LOLOLOL.

2. Scheme a little less. 

Megan understands this. I was plotting for my life after Vietnam on the bus TO Vietnam.  I need to be more in the moment and let everything flow and happen….because no matter what, “Man plan, God laughs.”

3. Keep going/doing yoga.  

Yoga is fun. It’s like a physical and mental test that leaves me feeling like a new human every session.  Sometimes it sucks (like really sucks) but afterwards I feel SO HAPPY.

4. Run in at least 2 half marathons — 1 marathon would be nice

Pier to Peak is definitely on that list. That half marathon will be my bitch next time

5. Get rid of the mentality of ‘I’m hungover/tired so I’m not doing anything today.’

It’s lame, lazy and obviously a waste of a day. I can sleep when I’m dead. Right, Max Bemis? Spending an entire day watching Netflix in bed is a no no. Unless I’m with Belinda or Jaymes.

6. Organize my iTunes.

I hate when my playlists are out of order. And they are so sloppy right now.

7. Read more books. 

Great books make me happy

8. Be more like Beyonce and/or Ellie Goulding every day.

Emma Watson and Michelle Obama is on this list as well. This is obvious.

9. Keep striving for balance. My NY Resolution for life.

10. Get rid of people who don’t deserve my time. That is all.

I must say I’m pretty damn good at this but there are a few suckers who managed to stick around. Your time is limited, bitches.

11. Minimize food guilt. Food is friend. Not foe.

12. Don’t get mad, just shake that head.

This will be the year of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13. Learn to use Excel properly. 

LOL it is time I quit lying about it on my resume.

14. Find that thing that lights a fire under my ass at all times of life.

Something besides Hozier and his beautiful man bunned, Irish accented, amazing voiced, strong opinioned self.  Finding that ‘thing’ that gets me going without question will be the key to life…along with Hozier. 

15. Delete people who STILL send me Candy Crush, Farm World, etc invites.


16. Be more decisive.


An ex boyfriend once said to me, “Okay I’m going to ask you a question and your answer can’t be I don’t know or I don’t really care.” I CAN’T BE THAT PERSON.

17. Give less fucks about what people think.


18. Spend more time with Elektra, Mea and Nehemiah.

When I’m back in America. A weekend trip every few months is unacceptable. This is same same with my ladies from Cerritos — especially you, Chelsea. (I still love the rest of you, Deanna, Darleene, Joyce, etc.)

19. Keep my cell phone out of sight when I’m eating or spending time with someone.

Unless I’m waiting for an absolute emergency phone call the phone is going to be out of the way.  It’s distracting and disrespectful.

20. Become more acquainted with a map and what the hell is going on in the world.

Living in Vietnam has made me realize how terrible I am at geography and how out of touch I am with how the world outside of America works. No, not everyone has Twitter and no, you can’t just meander in and out of Vietnam as you please. You need a Visa, they will track you down if you don’t.

21. Go after my bucket list the way I did this past summer.

I SOMEHOW went just about everywhere I wanted, saw just about everyone I wanted and did everything I wanted see — all with a full time job.  Aggressive ass mentality.

22. Cry when I want.  Holding back emotions sucks. Just kidding that’s dumb.

23. Show more love — because we all need love.

And also because I seriously need to stop thinking like this…..


24. Take a solo trip. 

I can have a good time allllll by myself

25. [Insert quote about living life to the fullest, being happy, letting go of the past, smiling more, only living once] 

I must agree, sometimes it feels as if New Years Resolutions can only focus on the things you don’t accomplish, which is irritating. So if you are 100% completely done and over New Year’s Resolutions there is an awesome solution.

We have done something similar to this with my sorority, except inside the jar you write something awesome about one of your sisters. You don’t think it will make a difference but being able to read how awesome you are from another person’s point of view can make you smile even your worst day 🙂
It is called a “Rememberlutions Jar”
Make a jar you can fill with memories and accomplishments from 2015!  It can be anything as big as getting married (so many engagements) to meeting Ellie Goulding to running in your first half marathon to taking that solo vacation by yourself. Anything and everything that made you happy, put it in the jar. Before the end of 2015 (I’m sure the jar will be overflowing with all the shit you got done) read all of the things you experienced and finish your year with a reflection of what a great year you had.
You can read more about the “Rememberlutions Jar” here 🙂

Happy New Years bitches,


May the odds be ever in your favor




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