What I Whipped Up

Over the past couple of years I have develop a very particular and critical style of eating.  I have been Pescatarian, Vegatarian, Vegan, Gluten Free — a lil restrictive.  I didn’t look at it as a burden (still don’t!).  Eating fruits, vegetables, drinking smoothies and juices makes me feel great.  My favorite part of the way I eat is the fact that I make my food! Smoothies, juices, oat and granola creations make my heart sing.  Breakfast is my favorite meal by a bazillion lightyears.  With that being said, living in hotels the first six weeks of my life in South East Asia meant making my own food was not an option. And it hurt.

Since moving into my apartment and discovering gems like Annam and Organica, I am free to do what I looOooOOOve. Creating healthy and delicious shit.

W H A T   I   W H I P P E D   U P

and doesnt taste like shit

This was the very first meal I made in the kitchen.  It’s pretty basic but give me a break, I didn’t even  have a pot at this point.  Regardless, I made it and it tastes amazing.  The only reason I’m not screaming about this bowl from my balcony is I don’t have my favorite SO cocohnut yoghurt and Agave.

Like I said, I made it work.


  • Yogurt/SO Coconut Yoghurt is my favorite when I’m at home
  • Granola — I’m a bit obsessed with Kashi Go Lean Crunch at the moment
  • Agave! — Or honey — I’m currently using Pure Australian Honeybee
  • 5-6 strawberries
  • 1/2 Banana
  • A handful of berries

Combine your ingredients!

1. Yogurt

2. Drizzle Honey

3. Granola

4. Banana

5. Strawberries

6. Drizzle more Honey. Duh.

 7. Mix it all together

8. Enjoy it.




sometimes I add chopped apple!
sometimes I add chopped apple!








Song of now:


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