Coffee or Cocaine?

Ding! Ding! Ding! I found what you’re looking for betches!

C A  P H E  S U A  D A 

“Vietnamese Iced Coffee With Condensed Milk [& A Pinch of Cocaine

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I guess you could say I’ve been slumming it in terms of coffee.  Until recently I have only had coffee from the street.  Well that’s over.  I got a taste of the gewd gewd, the Dom Pérignon of coffee and there is no turning back. ESPECIALLY after this article.

What makes this coffee so great? It’s like adderall in drink form with a pinch of happy.  I’m not making this up. Halfway through my glass of sua da my heart started beating faster and I was breathing a little heavier.  I was honestly beginning to wonder if I actually had drugs in my coffee – I was that ‘UP.’  I guess the fact that my headphones blaring everything from Diplo, The 1975, One Direction to Calvin Harris and Burns didn’t exactly help my situation but whateveerrrrrr.

So you’re welcome all. I’m bringing this home with me in bulk.

Say hello to the good life.

side note — this is probably the reason the Vietnamese are maniacs on their motorbikes.

C a   P h e   D e n   D a


If you’re not one for milk they have ca phe da — which is iced coffee sans the milk. I tried Ca Phe Den Da thinking it would take the coffee game to a whole new level.  It didn’t.  It was like drinking bitter coffee without a single buzz (boOoOOO). I’ll stick to my ca phe sua da.



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