Eating In Vietnam: Tokyo Deli

T o k y o  D e l i

I love sushi. My life in Los Angeles and sushi go hand in hand.  My final months before I left for Nam I think I had sushi at least 3-4 times a week.  Obviously one of my first questions I had for Hien when I got to Vietnam was where I could find quality sushi. She (Thank God) pointed me in the direction of Tokyo Deli.  The menu is vast with sooooo many options.  I went into sushi option overload my first time because the menu is so extensive but it’s worth it. Love love love love love Tokyo Deli.

The staff speaks pretty decent English and if all else fails the point method always works when it comes to ordering.

I would like to say I’m an adventurous sushi eater, but I’m not. I tend to order the same items with different names.


image copy

image-2 copy




I tend to show my appreciation for the sushi by way of Snapchat




Tokyo Deli sushi is delectable and like most things in Vietnam it’s quite cheap. For three rolls, and miso soup you can spend anywhere from 200-300 VND, which is 10 – 15 USD. Love it.



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