Watch Tata Pack

For the second time in a month I’m going to Thailand! My last trip to Thailand was for the Jungle Party and Full Moon Party.  This time around I will actually get to explore and see more of the beautiful ‘Land of Smiles.’ We are spending 10 days/9 nights in Bangkok and we want to make the most of it.  Meg and I don’t have plans set in stone but the fit of the trip is to spend two or three days in Bangkok to check out the Golden Buddha, Wat Arun Temple as well as making a trip to Tiger Temple, the Erawan National Park + Waterfall.  On top of that we want to spend four days on Koh Chang Island to spend some quality time with elephants (eeeee!!!) 🙂

Only my favorite Globethot, Jessie, could get a picture that amazing

I absolutely despise traveling with multiple bags and I do everything in my power to stick to one bag.  After one summer traveling through Europe, one summer living in Florence and a summer where every other weekend I was taking weekend trips all over America, I think I have acquired the skills to pack efficiently and expertly (I hope I’m not jinxing myself). With that being said I am going to pack for my 10 day trip to Bangkok and make it all fit in my Medium sized Longchamp. Go me.

What I’m bringing:


unnamed-30  unnamed-39unnamed-29 unnamed-27 unnamed-28 unnamed-31 unnamed-34 unnamed-26

I usually roll all of my clothes because it makes it easier for me to fit. And when I get desperate I resort to rolling my underwear.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2


Let’s hope I didn’t forget anything major.



4 thoughts on “Watch Tata Pack

    1. You are an expert I must say. I know with your travel experiences makes you the master of this art! I love this technique I will incorporate this on my next teavel! You go girl!! Love your life!! Love you soooo very much!


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