I <3 Thailand: Erawan Waterfalls + National Park

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One of my really good friends/travel lover posted a photo at the Erawan Waterfalls it was one of those – OMG, I have to go to that place ASAP moments. So I thought it, and so it happened.


I booked my trip to the waterfalls through a tour group so I could’t dilly dally as much as I wanted.  They gave us three hours at the waterfall. People that completed the falls a day before told us it wan’t enough time and it would take longer than we might think. With that in mind, Meg and I hauled ass to the top of the waterfall.  We did stop at each level to take photos at each level.





Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 preset






Majority of our time was spent at the very top of the waterfall because….well it’s the top – duh.  The water was the perfect temperature – not freezing but not bath water warm either.  Getting in was welcome after putting in all the hard work to get to the top. What was NOT welcome was the fist in the water that tried to make a meal out of my toes, feet, calves – whatever.  Not a good feeling at tall.  After snapping a few photos I got the hell out of the water. Extremely bummed about my lack of a GoPro – I’ll have one soon enough!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



The landscape was too much to not have a photoshoot 😉



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