Leeds International Beer Festival

This past weekend was the Leeds International Beer Festival – luckily as I was in the taxi driving into the city for a night out, I saw ‘LEEDS BEER FESTIVAL’ in ginormous red marquee lights. I knew I HAD TO GO (Michael, my roommate says I have to go to everything and I must say he is right, I need a great job).  Day drinking is by far one of my favorite activities, and the weather was perfect in Leeds standards, sunny and 72.

After dragging myself and Megan Tabler, out of bed at 11AM, (which is unheard of after a night out), we ate breakfast, showered, got ready and were ready to head to the festival by 1PM. After picking up the boys and McHale, we were en route to the bus stop to get to the city.  While walking and waiting for the bus the realization that the it was going to be much warmer than I anticipated. Usually the weather would have been an issue when wearing black jeans, Docs and a black leather jacket, but on this special sunny day, I wouldn’t voice a peep about Mr. Sun.



We made it to the Beer Festival around 2:30, leaving us about 2 and a half hours to enjoy the day.  Entrance to the festival was only five pounds and it included a glass and a sweet little pamphlet about all of the beers and food options – great for bloggers with poor memories. unnamed

You could sample anything you wanted aka I sampled just about everything, a 1/3 cup of beer was anywhere from a pound to a pound fifty, a half glass was 2 or 3 pounds and a full glass was usually 4 pounds.  There was anything and everything from IPA, light beer, sour beer, beer infused with fruit and the tastiest cider eva. It was a great spread.

My personal favorites were Pils – Lager from Four Pure, Yankee from Roosters, Dinner for 8, from Siren, and All Day IPA from Founders. All amazing.


The food was pretty damn good as well. They had amazing food from vendors such as, Fish &, Piggie Smalls, Scream For Pizza, Bundobust, Crackerjack BBQ, Patty Smith’s Burgers and several more.  It took “drunching” to another level. Sunday became my self proclaimed ‘fat day.’ As McHale stated, “Big girls gotta eat!”

As always I took enough photos to fill up Kim Kardashian’s photo roll -here are a few of my favorites.

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sun is shining, i stay smiling. ☀️🍻

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Sounds fun, right? Can’t wait for the next festival next year!

Oh, and special shoutout to Jordan Rouse for playing photographer and taking the same photo from 16 different angles because of lighting and basically because I am a photo freak. You’re welcome.




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