Leeds International Beer Festival

This past weekend was the Leeds International Beer Festival - luckily as I was in the taxi driving into the city for a night out, I saw 'LEEDS BEER FESTIVAL' in ginormous red marquee lights. I knew I HAD TO GO (Michael, my roommate says I have to go to everything and I must say he … Continue reading Leeds International Beer Festival


N. Vietnam Photo Blog

Another well overdue blog post, but better late than never. In May I went on several solo trips, and Northern Vietnam was one of those trips! In seven days I went to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, and Sapa - it was an amazing first solo trip. I'm so proud of myself for pushing myself and … Continue reading N. Vietnam Photo Blog

What To Do In Ubud

Before I go into detail about what to do, where to go and what to eat in Ubud I'm going to give you my suggestions on the most basic, yet essential parts of the trip - where to stay and how to get around. Where To Stay There really is an endless amount of places … Continue reading What To Do In Ubud


June 22nd was my best friend, Tawni Martino's 23rd birthday. For the first time in two years I was actually in the country to celebrate with her. HELL YES. I'm pretty sure the girl has had her birthday planned for a few months because when I asked her what her birthday plan was, she immediately knew … Continue reading HBD TAWN

Eating (Everything) In Indonesia

The food in Indonesia was phenomenal.  Specifically, my favorite meal of the day, breakfast.  Smoothies, toast, jam, 'pancakes,' it was all amazing.  I didn't indulge in lunch too often because we were out touring quite a bit, but dinner was divine.  I'll have a few blogs coming soon about a few of my favorite restaurants, but … Continue reading Eating (Everything) In Indonesia

My Photo Diary Of Bali

I have a super informative blog about things to do in Bali and how to do them in a week or so.  I thought I would share the awesome photos from my trip first. Enjoy 🙂 UBUD  Pura Tirta Empul Satria Agrowisata Coffee Plantation Tegalalang Rice Terrace Mt. Batur Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) Gili Trawangan Seminyak  As … Continue reading My Photo Diary Of Bali

1D: On The Road Again Tour

My experience as a 23 year old in Jakarta, Indonesia at a 1D concert I was in my Sophomore Year at LMU when One Direction's first hit song exploded on the radio making my ears bleed. I remember feeling nothing but disdain for those boys with shaggy hair and pierced ears. In my eyes they would … Continue reading 1D: On The Road Again Tour

The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 5

I present to you the loOoOOOOng overdue: 'Instagrams That Never Made It.' look at the size of that woman. not me. the golden lady. B Heald One Direction minus Zayn. They announced his departure from the group after this show 😦 Yoga @ the Yoga Barn in Ubud Temple Run being Holy at Pura Tirta … Continue reading The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 5

What I’ve Been Listening To Pt. 5

I've been quite which means one thing. I've been doing things. Cool things. Which meeeaannnss I HAVE SO MANY AWESOME AND FUN BLOG POSTS COMING YOUR WAY!  But for now I will share what I've been listening to. Because as I've said before, music is my everything. Enjoy this list - these are reallyreallyreally sick. Years … Continue reading What I’ve Been Listening To Pt. 5

I <3 Thailand: Tiger Temple

I went to Tiger Temple. I did, I did, I did. I was warned by several people that I would feel terrible and the tigers are definitely drugged. I didn't listen.  I went to Tiger Temple anyway because I'm hard-headed and I was suuuuper curious about the tigers. And let me tell you - some things just … Continue reading I ❤ Thailand: Tiger Temple