Whole Foods?

I know I'm in Vietnam and I want to "culturally immerse myself", but sometimes I want to feel like I'm in Whole Foods in Manhattan Beach spending money on the most expensive sugar-free, gluten-free, locally grown, organic, vegan products I can put my snobby little hands on.  Annam Gourmet Grocery Store is the place for me to … Continue reading Whole Foods?


Eating In Vietnam: Street Food

This post is long. I'm sorry. But it's mostly pictures of really good food (even if you can't tell from the photo--making the food look presentable isn't the street vendor's #1 concern)! Really really really good food. I've been in Vietnam for five maybe six weeks now. I've eaten a lot ALOT of food. My first … Continue reading Eating In Vietnam: Street Food


This is a short post, But a post full of love and appreciation. If you ever find yourself in the ancient city of Hoi Na and you would say you're a person who enjoys juices, smoothies, granola, any type of healthy foods GO TO COCOBOX When I went after getting my TESOL certification it had … Continue reading OMG IS THAT HOMEMADE GRANOLA!?