1D: On The Road Again Tour

My experience as a 23 year old in Jakarta, Indonesia at a 1D concert I was in my Sophomore¬†Year at LMU when One Direction's first hit song exploded on the radio making my ears bleed. I remember feeling nothing but disdain for those boys with shaggy hair and pierced ears. In my eyes they would … Continue reading 1D: On The Road Again Tour


The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 5

I present to you the loOoOOOOng overdue: 'Instagrams That Never Made It.' look at the size of that woman. not me. the golden lady. B Heald One Direction minus Zayn. They announced his departure from the group after this show ūüė¶ Yoga @ the Yoga Barn in Ubud Temple Run being Holy at Pura Tirta … Continue reading The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 5

What I’ve Been Listening To Pt. 5

I've been quite which means one thing. I've been doing things. Cool things. Which meeeaannnss I HAVE¬†SO MANY AWESOME AND FUN BLOG POSTS COMING YOUR WAY! ¬†But for now I will share what I've been listening to. Because as I've said before, music is my everything. Enjoy this list - these are reallyreallyreally sick. Years … Continue reading What I’ve Been Listening To Pt. 5

Watch Tata Pack

For the second time in a month I'm going to Thailand! My last trip to Thailand¬†was for the Jungle Party and Full Moon Party. ¬†This time around I will actually get to explore and see more of the beautiful 'Land of Smiles.' We are spending 10 days/9 nights in Bangkok and we want to make … Continue reading Watch Tata Pack


"We‚Äôre taking one for the team, this shit gets on everything.¬†We fucking hate glitter. People call it the herpes of the craft world. What we hate more though are the soulless people who get their jollies off by sending glitter in envelopes. We've had enough so here's the deal: there's someone in your life right … Continue reading shipyourenemiesglitter

The Real MVP

BELINDA CAME TO HO CHI MINH FOR MY 23rd¬†BIRTHDAY. It was by far one of the best birthday presents I have ever received. I was born in San Diego and grew up in Cerritos, CA. So when it was time to decide where to go for college (sophomore year ¬†in college - I committed early) … Continue reading The Real MVP

The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 4

December was an absolutely insane month. We pretty much had visitors coming and going and it seemed as if I was busy every single second of every day for a month straight entertaining. I took a ton of photos but as you know I can't Instagram everything. There are rules people.¬†Here are the unlucky ones. … Continue reading The Instagrams That Never Made It Pt. 4

What I’m Listening To Pt. 3

Here's what I've been listening to. Some of it's new, some of it is old. Whatever it is, I hope there's something you like ¬†Happy Listening! Ellie Goulding -- Love Me Like You Do New.Ellie.Hell.Yes Beyonce -- 7/11 Because I know you care Coldplay -- Miracles¬† City & Colour -- Sleeping Sickness¬† Little Dragon -- … Continue reading What I’m Listening To Pt. 3

’14 (best & worst)

This is my last¬†post about 2014, I promise. This was supposed to go up on the 1st of January but I was actually too hungover and tired to even look at my computer screen to press 'Publish.' ¬†Over time, I figured I might as well add all of the ugly photos of 2014 to the … Continue reading ’14 (best & worst)


Humans¬†have strong opinions on everything. ¬†Whether if it's on the debate on Cheetos vs.¬†Cheeto Puffs or LBGT Rights and police brutality, people have something to say. ¬†New Year's Resolutions are not immune to this conversation. ¬†My opinion, which you will find to be true in just about all aspects of my life is: "I dunno, … Continue reading ’15