Jungle Party

While most people have heard of the Full Moon Party the Jungle Party is a bit unknown compared to it's counterpart. Celebrated the night before, The Full Moon Party is held - you guessed it - in the middle of the Jungle. The Jungle Party costs 500 Baht, but I think it is definitely worth the … Continue reading Jungle Party


Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]

Without a single fear of being kidnapped or sold — we made it to Funtastic! And if things couldn’t get any better we were in the same hostel as our friends! Can I get a holla on avoiding awkward hostel roommates!? Especially the ones that snore..... Everyone was kinda burned out from the day so we took … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]

Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]

How does one celebrate 4 weeks of intense training and learning? Going to a beach city and sitting on your ass for a few days. What does one not anticipate when going to a beach city for a few days? Rain. That's what one does not anticipate . Rain. What did I do my first … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]

The Instagrams That Never Made It — Pt. 2

This weeks "Grams That Never Made It" are from the weekend excursion to Sihanoukville and my first week and weekend in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It's been weird, gueyz. Good weird though. I had to practice serious self control because I wanted to Instagram about 15 photos  from Sihanoukville. Every photo was perfect, blue, … Continue reading The Instagrams That Never Made It — Pt. 2

You Can’t Sihanoukville With Us [Pt. 2]

No sleep no problem (referring to the spider that tried to eat Meg and I our first night in Sihanoukville) when I get to spend an entire day alternating between a boat and a beach. After an hour and a half boat ride, we made it to [Ishy Named] Turtle Island! We had the option … Continue reading You Can’t Sihanoukville With Us [Pt. 2]

Hurricane Marie <3 <3 <3

Hurricane Marie. My girl. You blessed Newport Beach with the biggest waves I have ever seen in my 22 years of life, and that’s a lot of waves. My friend Brad had plans to go to the wedge at 6 am…I wanted to do that but the earliest I could convince myself was 7….but then … Continue reading Hurricane Marie ❤ ❤ ❤

What you doing? Nothin’ chilllin at the Pennington Inn

It's always a great surprise to hear your friend that lives a great distance is visiting. While at work on Friday I get a text from Paige inviting me to spend the night at her beach house in Newport because CORI IS VISITING. WHAT!? Cori is in town? Duh I'm there. After work, I pick … Continue reading What you doing? Nothin’ chilllin at the Pennington Inn


San Diego is definitely one of my favorite places of life. It has beautiful beaches, great weather, great people, yummy tacos and burritos blah blah blah blah.  I love San Diego for all of those reasons, but the number one reason is older sister and her family call it home. In what seems like two … Continue reading OMG I LOVE SAN DIEGO


My love for the fourth of July is endless. It's the only holiday (Okay, besides St. Patrick's Day) that I don't mind waking up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the shenanigans of the day.  Last year I spent the fourth in Ibiza -- which was SO FUN, but spending it in … Continue reading FOURTH OF JULY!