Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]

Without a single fear of being kidnapped or sold — we made it to Funtastic! And if things couldn’t get any better we were in the same hostel as our friends! Can I get a holla on avoiding awkward hostel roommates!? Especially the ones that snore..... Everyone was kinda burned out from the day so we took … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]



This is a short post, But a post full of love and appreciation. If you ever find yourself in the ancient city of Hoi Na and you would say you're a person who enjoys juices, smoothies, granola, any type of healthy foods GO TO COCOBOX When I went after getting my TESOL certification it had … Continue reading OMG IS THAT HOMEMADE GRANOLA!?

Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]

How does one celebrate 4 weeks of intense training and learning? Going to a beach city and sitting on your ass for a few days. What does one not anticipate when going to a beach city for a few days? Rain. That's what one does not anticipate . Rain. What did I do my first … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]