“Vietnam group: Go Fuck Yourselves”

After a fantastic fucking weekend in Sihanoukville it was FINALLY time to head to Nam. Thuper exciting. But sad as well. Cambodia started to feel like home. Which are words I never believed I would say.  I would say it's more so home because of the people...not the physical building. Yech. But I digress. The plan was … Continue reading “Vietnam group: Go Fuck Yourselves”


The Instagrams That Never Made It — PART 1

This is not an original idea. I have definitely seen this done before, but I can't remember where so sowwy, can't give credit where credit is due. Anyway, whenever it's time for me to pick an Instagram I struggle to decide which photo to choose. I'm not one of those people to post multiple photos … Continue reading The Instagrams That Never Made It — PART 1

Royal Palace & Royal Temple

I went to the Royal Temple and the Royal Palace my first weekend in Cambodia.  It should have been the highlight of my weekend but my new favorite human Anne, throwing up in the Tuk Tuk stole the show so these photos/stories got pushed aside.  No post left behind though, here are a few photos from … Continue reading Royal Palace & Royal Temple

A Story About A Girl Named Anne <3

This post is purely for my girl, Anne who threw up on a Tuk Tuk.  One of a kind experience for sure.  I threw up in Central Park, Megan threw up in Union Square, and Anne, my new favorite human being threw up on a Tuk Tuk while in motion. It was glorious. The first … Continue reading A Story About A Girl Named Anne ❤

Welcome to Phnom Penh. Don’t Die.

Leaving LAX at 2am was maybe the smartest thing Meg and I could've done for ourselves. When we landed in Taiwan, it was 6 am. It felt like we had a normal nights sleep. Our flight to Phnom Penh was scheduled to depart at 7:30, so that allowed more sleeping time, making me feel even … Continue reading Welcome to Phnom Penh. Don’t Die.