Am I A Vlogger Now?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The only thing I hate more than hearing my voice is hearing my voice AND watching myself on screen. Unfortunately for me, a requirement for my Digital Communications course was to record a four to five minute vlog evaluating a current event from a public relations perspective. *cue tears*. My classmates … Continue reading Am I A Vlogger Now?


What’s Your Story?

Technology has opened the doors for anyone and everyone to tell their story with visual impact, quicker, easier and with a greater reach than ever before. All thanks to social media. To do this successfully, here are my 5 steps to great visual storytelling Link for: You Waste A Lot of Time at Work  Do you have … Continue reading What’s Your Story?

PR Progression

In order for your brand to succeed it is essential that you have a strong public relations team behind you.  But with the rapid rise of digital media, have PR agencies adapted quickly and effectively to stay on top? I say, YES Before I go any further, let's make sure we are on the same page in … Continue reading PR Progression