Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]

Without a single fear of being kidnapped or sold — we made it to Funtastic! And if things couldn’t get any better we were in the same hostel as our friends! Can I get a holla on avoiding awkward hostel roommates!? Especially the ones that snore..... Everyone was kinda burned out from the day so we took … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 2]


Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]

How does one celebrate 4 weeks of intense training and learning? Going to a beach city and sitting on your ass for a few days. What does one not anticipate when going to a beach city for a few days? Rain. That's what one does not anticipate . Rain. What did I do my first … Continue reading Weekend In “Paradise” [Pt. 1]


After I don't even know how many years, I'm going on an actual family vacation (minus my dad, long story)!!! To avoid the long and grueling travel of going directly to Punta Cana, DR, my mom and I decided to stop in Miami for a few days and then head to the DR to meet … Continue reading I’M IN MIAMI BITCH