Hiii! How’s Nam!?

"Ho Chi Minh is the New Orleans of SE Asia." "Ho Chi Minh is the NYC of SE Asia" "Ho Chi Minh is kind of like Los Angeles but in SE Asia." "Ho Chi Minh is like Cambodia but not at all" !?!??!????!? These are all of the different cities Ho Chi Minh has been compared … Continue reading Hiii! How’s Nam!?


Royal Palace & Royal Temple

I went to the Royal Temple and the Royal Palace my first weekend in Cambodia.  It should have been the highlight of my weekend but my new favorite human Anne, throwing up in the Tuk Tuk stole the show so these photos/stories got pushed aside.  No post left behind though, here are a few photos from … Continue reading Royal Palace & Royal Temple

A Story About A Girl Named Anne <3

This post is purely for my girl, Anne who threw up on a Tuk Tuk.  One of a kind experience for sure.  I threw up in Central Park, Megan threw up in Union Square, and Anne, my new favorite human being threw up on a Tuk Tuk while in motion. It was glorious. The first … Continue reading A Story About A Girl Named Anne ❤