What Are You Packing?

In honour of the Full Moon and the Full Moon party (to the humans making the trip, bless your souls) I've decided to post a blog I wrote for a different website that hasn't been used.  Clearly this isn't what I would normally write about. Beauty/Makeup/Fashion is way out of my realm but I think I … Continue reading What Are You Packing?


I <3 Thailand: Tiger Temple

I went to Tiger Temple. I did, I did, I did. I was warned by several people that I would feel terrible and the tigers are definitely drugged. I didn't listen.  I went to Tiger Temple anyway because I'm hard-headed and I was suuuuper curious about the tigers. And let me tell you - some things just … Continue reading I ❤ Thailand: Tiger Temple

I <3 Thailand: Erawan Waterfalls + National Park

      One of my really good friends/travel lover posted a photo at the Erawan Waterfalls it was one of those - OMG, I have to go to that place ASAP moments. So I thought it, and so it happened. I booked my trip to the waterfalls through a tour group so I could't dilly dally … Continue reading I ❤ Thailand: Erawan Waterfalls + National Park

I <3 Thailand: Elephants

This is a post dedicated to the elephants of Thailand I'll be honest, I wouldn't call myself an animal lover by any degree.  I mean, I like animals, I think they should be treated with love and respect like any other living and breathing creature on earth (except possums and raccoons). The cute animals make … Continue reading I ❤ Thailand: Elephants

Eating (Everything) in Thailand

If you follow me on snapchat you know I have a love for food. You also probably hate me because just about anything and everything that goes in my mouth is on your screen. Sorry that I'm obsessed, but it's my downfall as well! Besides the food I had on my awful tour, the food … Continue reading Eating (Everything) in Thailand

I <3 Thailand: Bangkok

Khoa San Road is the best tourist street/area I have ever been to. Maybe that's not true since I haven't been to many, but it surely beats the hell out if Bui Vien in Vietnam. It has just about everything and anything you might need as a tourist. Decent hostels, great food, fun night bars … Continue reading I ❤ Thailand: Bangkok

Watch Tata Pack

For the second time in a month I'm going to Thailand! My last trip to Thailand was for the Jungle Party and Full Moon Party.  This time around I will actually get to explore and see more of the beautiful 'Land of Smiles.' We are spending 10 days/9 nights in Bangkok and we want to make … Continue reading Watch Tata Pack

Jungle Party

While most people have heard of the Full Moon Party the Jungle Party is a bit unknown compared to it's counterpart. Celebrated the night before, The Full Moon Party is held - you guessed it - in the middle of the Jungle. The Jungle Party costs 500 Baht, but I think it is definitely worth the … Continue reading Jungle Party

Full Moon Party Survival Guide

I love festivals. I love events and gatherings where hundreds to thousands of people flock to one place to drink, dance and do whatever. Like that is my shit. You say hoards of people and I get giddy. Events like that make me feel alive (as corny as it sounds). So when my teammate Bri went to … Continue reading Full Moon Party Survival Guide